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Re: Getting a List of Sections at Start of Chapters

From: Jeff Kingston
Subject: Re: Getting a List of Sections at Start of Chapters
Date: Mon, 30 Oct 2006 09:17:46 +1100

> one{} two{} three{} four{} five{} six{}

This line is your main problem.  Named parameters need to be
declared using the "named" keyword, so this should be

    named one {}
    named two {}

etc.  At present, one is being taken for an alternative name
for @ChapTop, then the braces after one are being taken as
the body of @ChapTop, then the rest is document content as
far as Lout is concerned.

After you fix this you will find that the layout is a mess.
If you really want to use @Tbl, then for magical reasons
you will need to replace @Rowa by @FirstRowa wherever it
occurs, and insert the symbol / between the first @Case
expression and the second, the second and the third, etc.
But if it was me I would just write, e.g.

    one @Case {
       {} @Yield @Null
       else @Yield { (first column) |0.2i (second column) }
    two @Case {

and so on.  Grinding through tbl seems like overkill in
a simple definition like this.


ps actually / should be /1vx or similar in my example code.

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