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q : a set of lines unbreakable between pages

From: Patrick Giagnocavo
Subject: q : a set of lines unbreakable between pages
Date: Thu, 27 Jul 2006 22:34:14 -0400


I have read the User's Guide, but am a little unclear on one thing.

I am doing a directory, with each entry looking something like this
(@LPs etc. omitted):

Patrick Giagnocavo
1234 Any Street
Anytown, OH,  12345-6789
Phone: 555-717-5555
Email: address@hidden

What I want, is for there to be no breaking of this set of 6 or so lines
- it either goes on one page, or it goes on the next page.

I am using the "book" set:

@SysInclude {book}
        @InitialFont { Helvetica Base 12p }
        @ColumnNumber { 2 }
        @PageHeaders { NoTitles }
@Include {book-chapters.lt}

the file book-chapters.lt further @Includes all my chapters for this
directory, as recommended by the user's guide:

@Chapter @Title { AK } 
@Begin @B {Statewide Coalition}
(address block as above begins here)

What is the recommended way to do this?


Patrick Giagnocavo

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