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Re: a set of lines unbreakable between pages

From: Jeff Kingston
Subject: Re: a set of lines unbreakable between pages
Date: Sat, 29 Jul 2006 08:13:42 +1100

There seem to be three parts to your problem.  First, you
want to *display* each directory entry, i.e. set it off
vertically from the other entries.  Use @IndentedDisplay
or @LeftDisplay for this, or make each entry into a list item.
Second, you don't want your entries to be partly in one column
and partly in the next.  Use @OneRow for that.  Third, you want
the parts of your entries on separate lines, not run together
on several lines.  Use "lines @Break" for that.  Altogether,
then, if I was making a directory I would use this:


@ListItem lines @Break @OneRow {
Patrick Giagnocavo
1234 Any Street
Anytown, OH,  12345-6789
Phone: 555-717-5555
Email: address@hidden

@ListItem lines @Break @OneRow {
George Bush
The White House
Washington, DC
Email: whitehouse.gov



ps If you have fancy formatting that is repeated for each
directory item, you might like to look into making a definition
with one parameter for each element of the directory entry.
Something like

    def @DirectoryEntry
      named name {}
      named address {}
      named phone {}
      named email {}
      @OneRow lines @Break {
        name @LLP address @LLP
        phone @Case {
          "" @Yield @Null
          else @Yield { @I Tel. phone }
        email @Case {
          "" @Yield @Null
          else @Yield { @I Email email }

Then you can write


@ListItem @DirectoryEntry
  name { Zill.Net @LLP Patrick Giagnocavo }
  address { 1234 Any Street @LLP Anytown, OH,  12345-6789 }
  phone { 555-717-5555 }
  email { address@hidden }

@ListItem @DirectoryEntry
  name { George Bush
  address { The White House @LLP Washington, DC }
  email { whitehouse.gov }


and specify the formatting just once within the definition,
rather than over and over again in each entry.

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