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Re: Filename of file being processed from within Lout

From: Jeff Kingston
Subject: Re: Filename of file being processed from within Lout
Date: Fri, 24 Feb 2006 09:21:14 +1100

> print out the source file on the front cover/page/footer

Ahah, I thought so.  You want to place @FileNameHere in a
page header or foot, which means you want to place it inside
an option such as




Those options typically appear within setup files, so if
you just write (for example)

        @OddTop { @Centre { - @FileNameHere, page @PageNum } }

then you get the name of the setup file, which is not
necessarily the name you want (although it could be).
What you *really* want is the name of the file from which
the content of that page was taken, right?  Not so simple,
in particular will require multiple runs and cross-referencing,
as well as some serious design attention.  I don't think I'll
rush into this one.

The simplest way to get it might well be to name your sections
the same as the files they are in, and use conventional running
headers.  If you want both ordinary names and files, what about

         @Title { Calculating trajectories (file 23.lout) }
     @End @Section

Or is this too simple?


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