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Re: Filename of file being processed from within Lout

From: Tristan Williams
Subject: Re: Filename of file being processed from within Lout
Date: Sun, 26 Feb 2006 09:50:38 -0000 (GMT)
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I can see that it is not that simple. I will stick to the earlier Makefile
style suggestion (thank you) and then "pass" the symbol via mydefs to the
@OddTop etc.

Separately, I have come to Lout late in life, having been a TeX person. I
am completely converted. The manuals are great and have allowed me to
achive a lot in a comparativly short time. Thank you.


>> print out the source file on the front cover/page/footer
> Ahah, I thought so.  You want to place @FileNameHere in a
> page header or foot, which means you want to place it inside
> an option such as
>     @OddTop
> or
>     @RunningEvenFoot
> Those options typically appear within setup files, so if
> you just write (for example)
>     @DocumentSetup
>         @OddTop { @Centre { - @FileNameHere, page @PageNum } }
> then you get the name of the setup file, which is not
> necessarily the name you want (although it could be).
> What you *really* want is the name of the file from which
> the content of that page was taken, right?  Not so simple,
> in particular will require multiple runs and cross-referencing,
> as well as some serious design attention.  I don't think I'll
> rush into this one.
> The simplest way to get it might well be to name your sections
> the same as the files they are in, and use conventional running
> headers.  If you want both ordinary names and files, what about
>      @Section
>          @Title { Calculating trajectories (file 23.lout) }
>      @Begin
>      ...
>      @End @Section
> Or is this too simple?
> Jeff

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