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Re: two bugs? Features?

From: Jeff Kingston
Subject: Re: two bugs? Features?
Date: Sat, 05 Apr 2003 19:20:49 +1100

To fix your first problem, use @RawVeryWideTaggedList instead
of @VeryWideTaggedList.  You might also need @RawEndList at
the end of the nested list instead of @EndList.  I believe
this is described in the part of the section of the user's
guide which discusses nested lists.

I haven't sorted through the second example in detail, because
I know what a pain macros are.  My next document formatting
language won't have them, if that is any consolation.  But
I wondered from this description of what you want:

  "a TaggedList object which does not indent in plaintext mode"

why you don't just put your @OrIfPlain stuff inside the
indent options of @TaggedList, so that you have a list in
both modes but the indents are different.  Is it that you
want this behaviour on some lists but not others?  It
seems like asking for trouble to have a list in ordinary
mode and no list in plain text mode.

Welcome to Lout.  Feel free to keep asking about stuff.

Jeff Kingston

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