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Re: width in outline

From: Jeff Kingston
Subject: Re: width in outline
Date: Fri, 04 Apr 2003 10:11:06 +1100

In answer to gabor68's mail:

I'm afraid you're on your own with positioning rotated arrowheads.
You need to read the later sections of the @Diag chapter; I believe
they explain how arrowheads are positioned, but you need to understand
Lout's "marks" to get it.  Then you can't just rotate your arrowhead,
you need to produce an object that doesn't just look right, it needs
to have its marks in the right place.

Although I haven't read your code in detail, I've run it and I see you
are producing inheritance diagrams.  Your triangles are always
vertical, so rather than making them arrowheads I would suggest
you treat them as objects.  Place them after the // and translate
their P2 (or whatever the apex is called) to the point you want
it, then link your other lines to their base.

The first point in an outline is where the first segment of the
outline starts.


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