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Parallel text on two pages

From: Oliver Bandel
Subject: Parallel text on two pages
Date: Sun, 19 Aug 2001 02:04:43 +0200 (MET DST)


is it possible to set text on two pages in parallel?

This is intended to be used in texts in two different languages,
where on one page is the text in one language and on the
other side there is the related text in the other language.

The paragraphs on both pages should be related in their positions,
so that it is possible to use paragraphs of different length
in both languages and the related text in the second language
is positioned in relation to the according text of the first

Is there a way to solve this problem in lout?


    Obviously, because programming is a creative activity there is not
    going to be a set of rules which will always lead us mechanically
    to a solution to a problem.
            (Simon Thompson: Haskell - The Craft of Functional Programming)

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