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Text line spacing

From: Didier Carlier
Subject: Text line spacing
Date: Mon, 1 Jan 2001 10:53:30 +0100
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I'm having trouble trying to properly align text lines vertically.

I've reduced my code to a small test file (see below) which shows
the kind of problems I'm having.


def @Subject {-ppp}
def @Cc      {-eeeppp, /1vx -xyz, /1vx -abc}
def @Yref    {-123}

@Doc @Text @Begin

{Subject: | @Subject}/1vx   
{Cc: | @Cc}/1vx
{Your ref: | @Yref}/1vx

@End @Text
This almost looks good, except that the lines beginning with an hyphen
are not evenly spaced.
I've tried to use @High and various gaps like /1vo etc. but coudn't
find how to force lout to put all the lines on a fixed grid.

In fact, even the @List symbol seems to suffer from the same problem:

Any suggestion as to what I'm doing wrong ?

Best regards,
Didier Carlier

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