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Re: Text line spacing

From: Valeriy E. Ushakov
Subject: Re: Text line spacing
Date: Tue, 2 Jan 2001 16:30:17 +0300
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On Mon, Jan 01, 2001 at 10:53:30 +0100, Didier Carlier wrote:

> def @Subject {-ppp}
> def @Cc      {-eeeppp, /1vx -xyz, /1vx -abc}
> def @Yref    {-123}

> {Subject: | @Subject}/1vx   
> {Cc: | @Cc}/1vx
> {Your ref: | @Yref}/1vx

> This almost looks good, except that the lines beginning with an
> hyphen are not evenly spaced.

The problem is that the row mark of @Cc protrudes through its first
line.  As soon as you wrode def @Cc, lout treats @Cc as a single
object and the /1vx between the "Cc" field and "Your ref" field is
*not* between the "-abc" and "-123".

Since a picture is worth a 1K words, use this definition to visualize
what's going on

    def @Show right x {
      { 0 0 moveto xsize 0 lineto xsize ysize lineto 0 ysize lineto
        closepath 0.75 setgray fill
        1 0 0 setrgbcolor
        xmark 0 moveto xmark ysize lineto stroke
        0 ymark moveto xsize ymark lineto stroke
      } @Graphic x


         {Subject:  | @Show @Subject }
    /1vx {Cc:       | @Show @Cc      }
    /1vx {Your ref: | @Show @Yref    }

and see for yourself where the row mark protruding through "-eeeppp".
Since the distance between row marks of "-eeeppp" and "-123" is surely
larger than 1v, then 'x' mode adds a tiny whitespace.

Also note that if you move the row mark to the bottom ("-abc") you
will also move the problematic alignment to the top :-) as the object
only has one principal row mark that (some) concatenation modes refer

> I've tried to use @High and various gaps like /1vo etc. but coudn't
> find how to force lout to put all the lines on a fixed grid.

Don't hide object you want on the grid inside definitions:

         {Subject:  | @Subject   }
    /1vx {Cc:       | "-eeeppp," }
    /1vx {          | "-xyz,"    }
    /1vx {          | "-abc,"    }
    /1vx {Your ref: | @Yref      }

which can be done with macros:

    macro @Subject { -ppp }
    macro @Cc      { -eeeppp, /1vx | -xyz, /1vx | -abc }
    macro @Yref    { -123 }
         {Subject:  | @Subject }
    /1vx {Cc:       | @Cc      }
    /1vx {Your ref: | @Yref    }

But you should bear in mind that a macro in lout is just a list of
tokens, nothing else.

Alternatively, you can use 'e' (edge-to-edge) gap mode, or even

SY, Uwe
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