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Re: What about Lout's successor?

From: Jeff Kingston
Subject: Re: What about Lout's successor?
Date: Thu, 07 Dec 2000 08:12:18 +1100

> What's the status of 'Nonpareil'? Do you have any
> concrete plans for a first (beta) release?

Unfortunately, my workload here makes it difficult for me
to even maintain Lout, let alone work on its successor.
For example, for several months now it has been known that
the new table running headers code is broken, but I have
had no time to fix it.

A student did implement a version of the Nonpareil language
last year, and it looks like I will get another student to
take it further next year.  However, this is just a vanilla
functional object-oriented language; the real job is in the
libraries, and no start has been made on those.

I actually resigned my job here (effective next month) in
order to create time to work on Nonpareil, but I might be
staying on after all depending on an offer I am expecting.
However, sooner or later I will resign my job and start
full-time work on Nonpareil.  It will be a wonderful
system - some day.


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