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Re: What about Lout's successor?

From: Marcelo Huerta
Subject: Re: What about Lout's successor?
Date: Wed, 06 Dec 2000 22:49:45 -0300

El 06/12/2000 22:28:13, address@hidden (Jeff Kingston) escribió:

> > Er... and what about Lout?  I guess some people has
> > invested time learning this very good tool, and now see
> > it replaced by another, different one would be a little tough on
> > us, I guess :-)
> To take this email more seriously than it was intended:
For what I'm grateful ;-)

> in the first place, the word "now" is quite wonderful, since
> Nonpareil is very little more than a name at the moment; 

Well, bad choice of words. English isn't my primary language and I was
trying to show too much cleverness in a foreign language... my bad.

<ADVOCACY MODE="humorous">Maybe if we all knew well esperanto, we would
have a chance to really comunicate with each other...</ADVOCACY>

> and in the second place, no progress in software would be possible if
> we all stayed using the same software we always have.

Did I seem to imply that? My mistake, again. I just expressed a little
concern, having "fell in love" with Lout very recently and fearing his
replacement in the short term.

> I will maintain Lout forever, by the way, irrespective of whatever
> else I might be doing.  So Lout will never be replaced by Nonpareil.

[sigh of relief]
                       o-=< Marcelo Huerta >=-o

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