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volunteer(s) needed for Latin2 enhancement

From: Jeffrey Howard Kingston
Subject: volunteer(s) needed for Latin2 enhancement
Date: Tue, 9 May 2000 10:07:21 +0100 (BST)

In an attempt to make life easier for users of the Latin2 character set,
I have enhanced Lout for the next release to enable it to build composite
characters, following a design posted on this mailing list some time ago
by Uwe.  For every font metrics file missing some composite characters but
having their pieces, the enhancement requires that a small additional file
be created to define the missing bits.  For example, supposing that the
Ti-Rm AFM file (for Times Roman) is missing just ecaron and Ecaron, we
would create a file called by convention Ti-Rm+ containing this:

    C -1 ; WX 444 ; N ecaron ; B 25 -10 424 674 ;
    C -1 ; WX 556 ; N Ecaron ; B 12   0 597 886 ;
    CC ecaron 2 ; PCC e 0 0 ; PCC caron 28 0 ;
    CC Ecaron 2 ; PCC E 0 0 ; PCC caron 112 212 ;

The entries between StartExtraCharMetrics and EndExtraCharMetrics define
characters, following the usual AFM format.  These need to be given only
if the named characters are actually missing from the main file.  The
characters will need to be in the corresponding LCM (mapping) file.

Kerning data will be inferred, as at present, from the corresponding
unaccented character as defined by the LCM file.  Conversion to upper
and lower case, as required, is also defined by the LCM file.

The entries between StartBuildComposites and EndBuildComposites define
how to build composite characters, again exactly following the usual
AFM format.  All the characters mentioned in this section must have been
defined previously by C lines, either in the main file or in this additional
one, by the time we reach these lines.

When Lout finds a CC line for a character in this section, it will build
that character from its pieces and hence never output its character code
directly.  No other characters but these are ever built from their pieces.
Lout skips over all CC lines in the main file without analysing them:  the
presence or absence of any CC line in the main file has no effect.

Any volunteers to create the needed additional files so that a significant
number of fonts are made workable for Latin2 users?


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