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text around illustrations (ctd.)

From: Jeff Kingston
Subject: text around illustrations (ctd.)
Date: Fri, 13 Aug 1999 10:40:24 +1000

Uwe makes an interesting point about the need to limit the height
of the section of the paragraph beside the illustration when using
a horizontal galley to make text flow around an illustration.

If this whole project was ever undertakend seriously, the first
job would be to add component hyphenation to galley flushing.
Compared with that huge effort, it would be a minor thing to
add a symbol to Lout which took its height from whatever was
inside itself already (like, say, @VContract does now) but which
refused to enlarge itself to accommodate material from incoming
galleys.  It would in fact be a @High symbol which took its height
not from a parameter but rather from the height of its initial
contents - trivial really.

Jeff Kingston

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