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Re: Big Bag o' Questions

From: Jeff Kingston
Subject: Re: Big Bag o' Questions
Date: Fri, 13 Aug 1999 10:29:19 +1000

Colin K writes:

> why does @PrependGraphic complain if the file
> you're prepending doesn't start with a "%%BeginResource" line?

Because it is trying to encourage people to be good PostScript citizens.

> Also, "PrependGraphic", as a name, is a bit
> misleading; it really prepends _any_ chunk of PostScript code, not
> just images.

It's short for "Prepend graphic code", where "graphic" is an attempt
to generalize beyond "PostScript".

> Also, why does _fontdef_ require me to give it both the AFM file _and_
> the font's PostScript name?  The font's name is _in_ the AFM file!

This requirement was added, if I remember correctly, about the time I
changed all Lout's system file names to be short enough to fit into
the 8.3 world of DOS.  At that time I had to invent a lot of rather
cryptic font file names, such as AG-Bd, so I added the font name as
a documentation aid.  It takes a few seconds to add it to the file,
and makes a useful check that the files have been got right, and
helps readers to see what they are really truly getting.

Jeff Kingston

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