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@QuotedDisplay in setup files

From: Jeff Kingston
Subject: @QuotedDisplay in setup files
Date: Wed, 17 Jun 1998 17:10:55 +1000

> @Use { @DocumentLayout
>   @CaptionFormat { @QuotedDisplay @B { number: } @NoDotSep @OneCol }
> }
This is a fairly exasperating thing about Lout setup files:  not all
of the symbols are available in all of the options.  This @Use clause
is responsible for many things, including setting up the default
values that @QuotedDisplay uses; so @QuotedDisplay is not available
until *after* this @Use clause.

But even if you could use @QD here, there is still a problem:  this
particular option really only controls the format of the "Figure 2."
part of the caption, not of the caption as a whole.  So you can't
make the whole caption look different by using this option.

The problem here is not so much Lout as the particular
choice of setup file options that I've made, not anticipating that
people would want anything as radical as @QD-type captions.  This 
whole matter of format options needs to be revisited, but I'm
frightened to do it because the results would not be upwardly
compatible with the current set of format options.


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