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QuotedDisplay in DocumentLayout Use clause

From: Peter Kristensen
Subject: QuotedDisplay in DocumentLayout Use clause
Date: 17 Jun 1998 07:40:02 +0200


I would like to indent the caption on figures, but I can't quiet get
it to work.

The first part of my setup file looks like this:

@SysInclude { fontdefs }
@SysInclude { langdefs }
@SysInclude { dl }
@SysInclude { bookf }

@Use { @DocumentLayout
    @CaptionFormat { @QuotedDisplay @B { number: } @NoDotSep @OneCol }

When I run lout this error message appears:

layout.lt.lout:38:(22) symbol @QuotedDisplay unknown or misspelt

With @QuotedDisplay defined in "dl" this should work. Shouldn't it? Or
have I overlooked something?

Any help is appreciated.

Regards, Peter

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