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Floating figures are naughty

From: Mark Burton
Subject: Floating figures are naughty
Date: Mon, 15 Jun 1998 23:01:18 +0100


Any help would be much appreciated with these problems:

1 - Can anyone suggest a "sure fire" way of stopping lout placing figures
    that should appear near the end of some section at the top of the
    page that starts the next section (when creating a Report).

    I am using TryAfterLine positioning for the figures because some are
    quite large and need to be placed on a new page to stop them being

2 - A single line of normal text (i.e. not in a figure) has been
    placed at the bottom of a page below two figures in a space that
    isn't tall enough fo the line. Lout produces the message:

    tut.lt:2703:1: 0.4c object too high for 0.3c space; @Scale inserted

    How can I stop this line from being (incorrectly) squeezed onto
    the bottom of the page?

3 - How does one stop a footnote marker being placed at the start of a
    new line rather than at the end of the previous line.


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