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lout 3.05 on os/2

From: tiedtke
Subject: lout 3.05 on os/2
Date: Sat, 15 Jul 1995 11:54:18 +0400


yesterday i got lout 3.05 from CTAN. I compiled it using emx 0.9a FIX06 and
gcc2.6.3 on a 486DX/33 with OS/2 Warp 3.0. It compiled nearly out of the
box using the MSDOS switch in the makefile. I copied the executables to a
directory in my PATH and the library files to the LIBDIR e:/lib/lout/ and
subdirs thereof.

Then I did "lout -x -s e:/lib/lout/include/init" at the command prompt
without error messages. Then i wanted to test the installation by
"re-louting" the documentation in the doc subdir: e.g. lout all >user.ps

But everytime I get the following error message:

e:> lout all >user.ps
.ld" (from "dl" line 135, from "cbook" line 22, from "all" line 6):
.ld  1,0: cannot open file .
     1,0 fatal error: database index file seems to be out of date

What does this mean? Are there other files that I can use to check the
installation? No, I have not printed the documenation right now - I do not
want to print the documentation for a program that does not run - until now
- on my machine.

With kind regards,
Uwe Baumert

* Institute for General Zoology and Genetics                                   *
* University of Muenster                                                       *
* Schlossplatz 5                                          Tel.: +49 251 834675 *
* D-48149 Muenster, Germany                                Fax: +49 251 834723 *

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