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Re: Lout Version 3.05 now available

From: Ian Jackson
Subject: Re: Lout Version 3.05 now available
Date: Fri, 14 Jul 95 01:13 BST

Jeff Kingston writes ("Lout Version 3.05 now available"):
> [..]
> This is Version 3.05 of Basser Lout.

The last version of Lout I compiled was 3.02, which worked fine.  3.05
doesn't, however.  In z46.c there is an (old-style) definition of
`bcopy', whose arguments don't match the prototype for bcopy in
<string.h> on Linux.

string.h's bcopy is (when you resolve all the typedefs &c):
 extern void bcopy(const void*, void*, size_t);

z46.c's is:
bcopy (source, dest, length)
     char *source, *dest;
     unsigned length;

Presumably this was introduced as a portability fix.  However, it
makes the program less portable to systems like Linux which give you
sensible prototypes for (admittedly non-standard) functions like bcopy
and have a compiler that spots the mistake.

My workaround is to put #if 0 ... #endif around the definition of


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