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Tabs and simple tables

From: Tessa Lau
Subject: Tabs and simple tables
Date: Sat, 3 Dec 1994 10:13:36 -0500 (EST)

Hi all.  I just upgraded to lout 3.02 a few days ago, so bear with me.

I'm fooling around with tabs in normal text (i.e., not inside a @CP or
a @Tab), and while the first tab seems to line up properly, second and
third columns don't look quite right.  F'rinstance, I want to do a
simple 2-column table without using the table package like so:

@Display lines @Break {
{}      First   The first thing I did was eat figs.
        Second  Next on the agenda was making pastries.

The "First" and "Second" are lined up vertically, but the sentences
aren't.  Yet inside a @CP, you can set tabin and tabout such that
lining things up with tabs looks nice.  Why isn't this the default in
normal text?  Or can someone get this to work?

| Tessa Lau  address@hidden   |   Unix:  it's not dead yet!   |
| "Hold on to nothing, as fast as you can ..." --Tori Amos      |

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