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German Umlauts in lout

From: Lale Shripad S-INDIA
Subject: German Umlauts in lout
Date: Thu, 17 Nov 94 14:42:39 +0100

How does one get German Umlauts using lout.

Suppose I want to write the word 'Ko"ln' with the '"' over the 'o', which is
how it is written in German, How do I do it? I know that you can do it with
the @Char construct. But is there a better way. I cannot imagine writing
@Char for every German-specific character if I want to create a 50 page 
document in German language. Is there a better way of doing this like spelling
the word 'Ko"ln' as maybe 'Koeln' or something ? Maybe I have not understood 
the full implications of the @Language construct.


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