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Re: German Umlauts in lout

Subject: Re: German Umlauts in lout
Date: 17 Nov 94 15:19:10 -0100

>>>>> "Lale" == Lale Shripad S-INDIA <<address@hidden>, address@hidden> writes:

    Lale> How does one get German Umlauts using lout.

    Lale> Suppose I want to write the word 'Ko"ln' with the '"' over
    Lale> the 'o', which is how it is written in German, How do I do
    Lale> it? I know that you can do it with the @Char construct. But
    Lale> is there a better way. I cannot imagine writing @Char for
    Lale> every German-specific character if I want to create a 50
    Lale> page document in German language. Is there a better way of
    Lale> doing this like spelling the word 'Ko"ln' as maybe 'Koeln'
    Lale> or something ? Maybe I have not understood the full
    Lale> implications of the @Language construct.

I believe the Lout handling of that is to suppose that either you type
address@hidden odiaresis} or that your editor/keyboard etc let you type such
an IsoLatin1 character.

I also think that this is a deficiency in Lout lexical analysis. 

For french documents, i have no problem typing special french
characters (eg eacute, etc) because me french keyboard (AZERTYUIOP)
and my editor (Gnu emacs 19.28) support them.


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