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Words run into each other.

From: Lale Shripad S-INDIA
Subject: Words run into each other.
Date: Fri, 11 Nov 94 11:40:50 +0100

I thought This was Important enough for others, so I am
posting a transcript of my problem to the net. Hope it 
helps someone :

---> I wrote :

> I have designed a simple document with just one para of 5 lines.
> All the settings of lout are default as in the distribution,
> EXCEPT the font. I have put the Bookman base 10pt font.
> When I produce the output, I find that 60% of the words are run
> into each other as if they are squashed up in too little space.
> The edges are ragged in spite of 'InitialBreak { adjust ... }'
> Interesting fact is that this happens ONLY for the Bookman or 
> the Chancery font!! Not for any other.
> Food for thought guys!!

---> Paul Abreu answered promptly :

> It happened to me too on our Unix system. What I
> learned by looking at the PostScript and then the fonts
> on my system was that the PostScript used a different font
> name. While I'm no expert by any means, I suggest looking
> at the PostScript output, looking for Fontname (I think)
> and comparing that name with the name of the fonts on
> your system. It's likely that the names are different and
> your printer/system can't find the right font.           <---------This is 
> the Crux of the matter! ..[.Shri.]
> Note:this didn't happen with V2 of Lout and I
> checked the PS output so I'm pretty confident that that's
> the casue.
> Paul
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---> I tried out what Paul said and it was abso. right!

> Dear Paul,
> You are Unbelievable!!
> It was exactly that! On my SunOS system, the Bookman-Bold and Bookman-Medium 
> fonts are missing! I did a 'find and replace' of the first set of strings 
> to the second in the postscript file and .. Bingo! ..The output was fine!!
> Thaks a lot!

Hope that helps someone.


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