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Re: Page count in lout

From: Peter Samuel
Subject: Re: Page count in lout
Date: Fri, 11 Nov 1994 11:30:13 +1100 (AEST)

Jeff Kingston writes:
 >      Any idea how to get print the total number of
 >      pages in a document in lout?
 > Easy! Put
 >      @PageMark zulu
 > at the end of the document, and
 >      @PageOf zulu
 > whenever you want the magic number.
 > Jeff.

This works if you place @PageOf in the body of the document. It
doesn't seem to work if you want to replace a header in one of the
setup files - report for example.

If I create a local copy of report and change the following lines to

    @OddTop             {Page @PageNum of @PageOf last.page}
    @EvenTop            {Page @PageNum of @PageOf last.page}

And the last thing in my document is "@PageMark last.page" I see the
following error message from lout:

lout file "report" (from "cbafs" line 7):
  125,35: symbol @PageOf unknown or misspelt
  127,36: symbol @PageOf unknown or misspelt

Another problem with this method is that it doesn't handle references
or indexes. If your document has references and/or indexes, you have
no way of knowing how many pages these will occupy. If you place a
@PageMark command at the end of your document, there may still be
pages following to accommodate references and/or indexes. If you place
a @PageMark symobol in the references and index sections in the
relevant lout setup file, will you see error messages similar to the

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