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[lmi-commits] [lmi] master updated (a03c499 -> 55873f1)

From: Greg Chicares
Subject: [lmi-commits] [lmi] master updated (a03c499 -> 55873f1)
Date: Sun, 4 Jul 2021 19:04:42 -0400 (EDT)

chicares pushed a change to branch master.

      from  a03c499   Find roots of several functions
       new  28955d1   Refactor for flexibility
       new  8a1404f   Describe the preceding commit
       new  bfd60ed   Rename primary root finder
       new  e6b40ee   Write root-finder arguments in a more natural order
       new  aaadfe1   Translate the ALGOL scrolls more literally
       new  d5bd712   Add an instrumented reference implementation
       new  e68be69   Test lmi_root() against reference implementation
       new  41d1896   Move some tests out of a hodgepodge
       new  9be9b1d   Refactor
       new  0e29fb4   Augment a block of unit tests
       new  a1a1901   Refactor
       new  bf65f24   Remove duplicative tests
       new  55873f1   Test an uncommon code path

Summary of changes:
 calendar_date.cpp |   4 +-
 financial.hpp     |   4 +-
 gpt_specamt.cpp   |   4 +-
 ihs_avsolve.cpp   |   4 +-
 solve.cpp         |   4 +-
 zero.hpp          | 286 ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++------------
 zero_test.cpp     | 183 +++++++++++++++++++++++++---------
 7 files changed, 370 insertions(+), 119 deletions(-)

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