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Re: [lmc-dev] release 0.10 is out

From: lmc-dev
Subject: Re: [lmc-dev] release 0.10 is out
Date: Mon, 7 Feb 2005 01:29:51 +0100

address@hidden, vares dir:

>On Sunday 06 February 2005 23:12 pm, address@hidden wrote:
>> i donwloaded and it works great!
>:) thanks, keep me posted if you find any bugs.


>> as i told you on my last mail i think one great feature will be some
>> of direct way to "execute script" function. maybe with some box on the
>> toolbar? 
>I am not sure I know what you mean. 

sorry about my poor english :(
im from mallorca and here we spoke catalan and castillian(spanish). my
english is polited by the tourists ;)

>In your last mail you asked for a
>button on the toolbar.
>There is a toolbar button for calling the "script selection dialog",
where you 
>get prompted for which script you want to execute. 
>And you are looking for a button to "directly execute a script", right?

yes. i think that executing the script selection is one of the most used
actions, so i think you could add it directly to the toolbar, maybe with
some drop list to select wich script do you want.

>> im now on the booring work of adding all my collection of movies 
>> (about 600) and is really a pain to click so many times on same places.
>Been there, done that.  ;)
>I use the keyboard shortcuts a lot. 

i see. i still got to learn it.


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