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Re: [lmc-dev] release 0.10 is out

From: lmc-dev
Subject: Re: [lmc-dev] release 0.10 is out
Date: Sun, 6 Feb 2005 23:12:07 +0100


i donwloaded and it works great!

as i told you on my last mail i think one great feature will be some kind
of direct way to "execute script" function. maybe with some box on the
toolbar? im now on the booring work of adding all my collection of movies
(about 600) and is really a pain to click so many times on same places.

see you :)


address@hidden, vares dir:

>to make it short: I just uploaded release 0.10 with several bug-fixes and
>The following is en exerpt from the ChangeLog:
>2005-02-05  Uwe Mayer  <address@hidden>
>* added support for passing default file through the command line
>* added reopenLastFile configuration setting
>* added support for recent files in file menu
>* fixed bug: creating a new file caused AMCFile33 header
>fields to be initialised to "None"
>* added menu action for deleting picture
>* added menu action for copying picture
>* added menu action for saving picture
>* removed link-image menu option
>* fixed bug: amazon-en.pl aborted with errors on special search words
>2005-02-04  Uwe Mayer  <address@hidden>
>* fixed bug: incremental search on no records was possible
>* fixed bug: normal search in grouped mode did not work
>* changed: deleting an image does not remove it from filesystem any more
>* fixed bug: deleting picture from record was not possible
>* fixed bug: decoding embedded picture raised exception on empty image
>* added confirmation dialog wether linked image should be deleted from 
>* added: configuration is saved on exit
>* added: find dialog remembers find options
>* added: prevent eject or unmount if mount exited with non-zero exit code
>I hope I didn't miss anything.

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