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Question about listhelper

From: Carsten Dominik
Subject: Question about listhelper
Date: Fri, 12 Jul 2013 13:58:52 +0200


I am running a mailing list with mailman, and I have recently had an issue
with it.

I have a rogue user and want to hold the user's messages for moderation.
For this I have flipped the moderation flag on.

When the next mailing from the user arrives, I see the following behaviour:

1. The message gets approved quickly
2. The moderation flag is flipped off, so that future messages go right through.

I am trying to find the cause for this.  I have two moderators for the list 
besides myself,
and I trust them both fully.  But I also have listhelper on the list of 
addresses.  Is it possible that listhelper might be possible for this behaviour?
I removed it this morning from the moderator list, and while the data is not
yet fully conclusive, it looks like the problem is gone.

So my question is:  It is possible that listhelper does approve messages
and flips moderation flags?  Or does it really only reject spam
messages and nothing more.

Thank you!

- Carsten

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