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antispam status

From: Karl Berry
Subject: antispam status
Date: Mon, 3 Sep 2007 16:22:56 -0500

This is just FYI.

Thanks to a lot of drudge work by a lot of volunteers (including the
three of us :), I think we're more or less finally done with the
antispam list reconfigurations.  Good enough until sysadmin comes along
with a new apple cart, anyway.

Of course there will be new accumulations coming along from time to
time, but we're mostly down to things with just one old message in the
queue.  Less than 150 total right now.  A far cry from the half million
or so we started with :).

Now my next long-term plan is to determine the lists which haven't had
mail in a long time, and ask the volunteers to write to the owners to
see what we can actually get rid of ...


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