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Re: antispam status

From: Bob Proulx
Subject: Re: antispam status
Date: Mon, 3 Sep 2007 16:36:33 -0600
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Karl Berry wrote:
> Thanks to a lot of drudge work by a lot of volunteers (including the
> three of us :), I think we're more or less finally done with the
> antispam list reconfigurations.  Good enough until sysadmin comes along
> with a new apple cart, anyway.


> Of course there will be new accumulations coming along from time to
> time, but we're mostly down to things with just one old message in the
> queue.  Less than 150 total right now.  A far cry from the half million
> or so we started with :).

Thanks Karl for doing so much of the work.  It never would have
happened without you.

> Now my next long-term plan is to determine the lists which haven't had
> mail in a long time, and ask the volunteers to write to the owners to
> see what we can actually get rid of ...

Spring cleaning!  :-)


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