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Re: [liquidwar-user] Hey all & some maps

From: Christian Mauduit
Subject: Re: [liquidwar-user] Hey all & some maps
Date: Fri, 09 Dec 2011 23:05:22 +0100
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On 12/04/2011 12:41 PM, Joey Dodson wrote:
> First of all, kudos to all of the devs and contributors to this
> amazingly addictive game!
Thanks ;)

> Secondly, I have a few maps I thought I'd share now that I've stopped
> making them (for now?). I did have a question about the titles. All of
> my maps are just showing up with a generic name like 'custom map 1, 2,
> et c.' rather than using the file title. I'm not really sure how to
> remedy this. Did I miss some instructions?
Huh, I don know. FYI I don't hack much on LW5 now, most recent
LW-related activity takes place on:

If you're interested enough in the game to contribute 8 megabytes of
maps, I strongly suggest you subscribe to:

> Also, consider all of these maps to be licensed under Creative
> Commons(?) or whichever applicable copyright allows anyone to use,
> distribute, modify, et c. all of the images/files. Though actually, I
> used source material for at least some of the maps, but I'd assume
> since I put original work into modifying them that they're considered
> new works? I'm not an expert though, so feel free to let me know if
> any of them are somehow illegal or anything. Essentially, feel free to
> use them, unless you're not free to use them ;P
Now I trust you that everything you did is legal. However, if you want
your maps to ship with the game (FYI I'm about to release a small
bug-fix release in the next weeks/months both to fix bugs and promote
LW6) then it's better if your maps are compatible with GPL v2. It's not
absolutely necessary, but well, it does ease the process. I might select
maps that are GPL v2 compatible only, just to take no risk.

Now the good news is that the process of converting a map from LW5
format to LW6 is rather straightforward. LW6 format is described here:

I can convert them, however, to ship with LW6 (not using them, I mean
*distribute* them in the upstream packages, but usually this is what
everyone wants: sharing the fun!) they need to be fully compatible with
GPL v3+. In practice, what we do with Kasper (our major map designer so
far) is that he dual licenses everything he does, so the copyright
notice can look like "Creative Commons Share Alike 2.5 or, at your
option, GPL v3 or later".

> On playing them, my maps tend to be quite big (except a couple of the
> first ones). You'll want to either a) set your time limits up and/or
> b) just shrink some of these down a bit to make them more manageable.
> I find the epicness of a larger scale map makes for a little different
> kind of game-play.
OK, need to this that, definitely, yummy!

> p.s. If you have any questions, would like to see my production files
> (GIMP files), want the maps in a different package format (.zip, et
> c.), or anything else, let me know!
> p.p.s. I seem to have some trouble sending a *.tar.gz archive with my
> maps to the list. The file is about 8MB...
There's a low limitation on attached files on this list (which is
logical on an open, public list), if you have very large files to
transmit you can either use one of those web upload services arround or
send it directly to my personnal email address address@hidden which has
practically no real limit on size (but posting on this list in the first
place was the right thing to do).

Thanks for your interest in LW, and have a nice day,


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