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Re: [liquidwar-user] Looking for players

From: Christian Mauduit
Subject: Re: [liquidwar-user] Looking for players
Date: Tue, 20 Jan 2009 17:42:15 +0100 (CET)
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On Tue, January 20, 2009 3:35 am, Michael_google gmail_Gersten wrote:
> I took a brief look at LW6, but it doesn't seem to support the Mac
> yet. So, I can't play it. (Mac has X, so that isn't an issue, but I'm
> not sure about all those libraries needed.)
Last time I tried to compile some Free Software on a Mac OS/X platforms,
Fink was my friend -> I was able to find
pretty much anything I needed. Fink is powerfull, and rich. Believe me. I
can't garantee all the requirements are there, but well, 99% chances they

> How big is this list? How many people will be seeing this?
Err, I should check, last time I checked it was about 30.

> Is it possible for LW5 to be modified to play a beep or sound file
> when someone connects to the server you are using? This way, I could
> at least start it up in the background, and do other things until I
> hear "Liquid war has an opponent".
You can use the "-callback <command>" option when launching the server.
For instance "misc/" is an example of a typical UNIX
callback which sends a mail when someone connects. You could tweak it to
play a beep. On MS-Windows "misc/lwpopup.js" displays a popup.

> Equally, can the latest version of 5 be released on a Mac? You have
> two current versions, and they can't play with each other -- that has
> to divide the playerbase.
I do not have access to Mac hardware anymore, my G4 is dead :(

> Oh -- something that I just saw. Can we get slightly smaller than
> 800x600 / 1024x768 windowed modes? The Mac has that top-of-screen
> title bar that insists on taking up some vertical space.
I can't remember how LW5 handles resolutions, so I'm a bit lost to answer
this. I used to play LW5 in 320x200 so there should be a way, maybe the
limitation is on Allegro and/or your display driver.

> FWIW, I'll try to connect to the server most afternoons/evenings for
> the next week, lets see if something can start up. (First in about 30
> minutes.)
My DSL connection is broken, else I would have been happy to fight arround
a bit.

Good luck,


Christian Mauduit <address@hidden> - ___ __/\__
Liquid War 6 -     / _")\~ \~/
"Les amis de la vérité sont ceux qui la cherchent et non _/ /   /_ o_\
ceux qui se vantent de l'avoir trouvée" - Condorcet     (__/      \/

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