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Re: [liquidwar-user] Looking for players

From: Michael_google gmail_Gersten
Subject: Re: [liquidwar-user] Looking for players
Date: Mon, 19 Jan 2009 18:35:34 -0800

> FYI Liquid War 5 is only maintained for bug-fixes, most of my coding
> effort aims at releasing Liquid War 6
> As your message points it, the problem with LW5 is to find players online.
> The root reason for this is that the network mode requires players to
> connect at the very same time or, at least, in a narrow time-window of a
> few minutes to meet each other. LW6 will address this by allowing
> on-the-fly connection on an already existing game. Problem -> LW6 has no
> network support, it's not implemented yet.

I took a brief look at LW6, but it doesn't seem to support the Mac
yet. So, I can't play it. (Mac has X, so that isn't an issue, but I'm
not sure about all those libraries needed.)

> Meanwhile, to find players, well, I've tried several things, including
> proposing IRC channels, or official "liquid sunday wars" meet points, but
> none of them really worked. So well, I'm a bit confused and can't really
> help you right now, if there are other players on this list who have any
> suggestion -> let them talk!

How big is this list? How many people will be seeing this?

Is it possible for LW5 to be modified to play a beep or sound file
when someone connects to the server you are using? This way, I could
at least start it up in the background, and do other things until I
hear "Liquid war has an opponent".

Equally, can the latest version of 5 be released on a Mac? You have
two current versions, and they can't play with each other -- that has
to divide the playerbase.

Oh -- something that I just saw. Can we get slightly smaller than
800x600 / 1024x768 windowed modes? The Mac has that top-of-screen
title bar that insists on taking up some vertical space.

FWIW, I'll try to connect to the server most afternoons/evenings for
the next week, lets see if something can start up. (First in about 30

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