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Re: [liquidwar-user] Hello, any players?

From: Christian Mauduit
Subject: Re: [liquidwar-user] Hello, any players?
Date: Tue, 26 Nov 2002 14:10:23 +0100
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On Sun, Nov 24, 2002 at 03:52:54PM -0600, Michael Gersten wrote:
> > mmm, sorry, but I can't help you on that point 8-/ I'm trying to find
> > out a way to get rid of this "pi ... ng" problem however. But it does
> > not really sound easy.
> Not easy is an understatement.
But it's not impossible 8-) As of version 5.5.7, LW is suppposed to
scale the "lag" parameter automatically while playing. Practically it
does not really work. I should implement a (simple) way to have an
estimation of the ping with distant machines, and then feed the "lag"
parameter with this information. It should help the existing algorithm
work better... But this takes time to implement (code is rather
straight, but testing is complex).

> > > I am a Mac OS X-Cocoa/WOF/EOF developer, and I'm available for hire.
> > Are you running LW on Mac OS???
> Nope, a Win2K box.
mmm, I can admin I was rather sceptical you would manage to run LW on a
Mac. Indeed LW is designed for little endian machines and I believe it
has limitations which prevent it from running on big endian machines.
However I'm not sure of it 8-). The Debian project maintains binaries
for Sparc machines, but I've never heard of anyone running them
successfully. Maybe nobody tried yet in fact ;-P

Have a nice day,


Christian Mauduit <address@hidden>     __/\__ ___
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