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[liquidwar-user] About 5.5.1 and Internet Games

From: Christian Mauduit
Subject: [liquidwar-user] About 5.5.1 and Internet Games
Date: Wed, 19 Jun 2002 16:00:17 +0200
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Hi everybody,

* 1st point:

I'm about to release LW 5.5.1, which will be a bug-fix/maintenance
The fixed bugs are:
- custom ressource loading on Windows/DOS platforms. I'm not 100%
  sure the fix will work, but I believe it'll work.
- various bug-fixes on the server, including some connection/protocol issues 
  and a nasty bug which prevents people with 15-characters IP addresses from
  registering on the metaserver.
- a Linux bug-fix to allow compilation on Debian potato, submitted by
  Colin Stewart.

Is anyone aware of other bugs in 5.5.0? If so, please tell me so that I
can fix them in 5.5.1 8-)

* 2nd point:

As someone pointed on the "chat-box", it's hard to find players to play
with, and since there's no one playing no one wants to plays, and so

So what I'd suggest is to have some sort of "LW meeting" at a given
time, and this way it would be easier for people to find each other.
For instance, we could make an "appointment" on Sunday June 23th at
16h00 GMT (which is 18h00 over here in France and should be something
like 12h00 on the East cost of the US). And I could put somewhere on the 
web site the date of the next "meeting". What do you think about it?

This being said, have a nice day.


Christian Mauduit

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