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Re: [liquidwar-user] About 5.5.1 and Internet Games

From: Jan Gretschuskin
Subject: Re: [liquidwar-user] About 5.5.1 and Internet Games
Date: Wed, 19 Jun 2002 20:29:22 +0200


the first thing you should make is, if you fight against the PC only, all 
enemies try to 
attack you - i think this is not good... But this is not a bug, I think.

For the 2nd point my idea would be to create an IRC Channel into the quakenet


On 19 Jun 2002 at 16:00, Christian Mauduit wrote:

> Hi everybody,
> * 1st point:
> I'm about to release LW 5.5.1, which will be a bug-fix/maintenance
> release.
> The fixed bugs are:
> - custom ressource loading on Windows/DOS platforms. I'm not 100%
>   sure the fix will work, but I believe it'll work.
> - various bug-fixes on the server, including some connection/protocol issues 
>   and a nasty bug which prevents people with 15-characters IP addresses from
>   registering on the metaserver.
> - a Linux bug-fix to allow compilation on Debian potato, submitted by
>   Colin Stewart.
> Is anyone aware of other bugs in 5.5.0? If so, please tell me so that I
> can fix them in 5.5.1 8-)
> * 2nd point:
> As someone pointed on the "chat-box", it's hard to find players to play
> with, and since there's no one playing no one wants to plays, and so
> on...
> So what I'd suggest is to have some sort of "LW meeting" at a given
> time, and this way it would be easier for people to find each other.
> For instance, we could make an "appointment" on Sunday June 23th at
> 16h00 GMT (which is 18h00 over here in France and should be something
> like 12h00 on the East cost of the US). And I could put somewhere on the 
> web site the date of the next "meeting". What do you think about it?
> This being said, have a nice day.
> Christian.
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> Christian Mauduit
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