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Re: [Linphone-users] [Linphone-developers] Announce: Linphone Desktop 4.

From: Trent Creekmore
Subject: Re: [Linphone-users] [Linphone-developers] Announce: Linphone Desktop 4.3 spotted
Date: Wed, 15 Sep 2021 10:07:57 -0500
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The usage of Linux based mobile opera is growing quite well.

I know when Pine64 first started batches of their Pine64, they all sold out, and were selling, I am guessing around 6000 per batch. You would have to get with them on the numbers sold, and currently selling

One of the top Mobile OS developer is UBPorts with 68 supported devices, including PinePhone

Pine64 currently ships their PinePhone with Manjaro w /Plasma Mobile OS (GUI).

Sailfish even has a port for PinePhone

Here is a list of all the Linux based Mobile OS which support the PinePhone. Quite a lot of them.

People are getting tired of the two big spyware phones being sold, and really want an alternative.

The issue at hand it most of the Linux based mobile OS are being developed by volunteers, and is a very long time to get them to a stable daily use ready. Also, folks would like to see their favorite applications on it.

On 9/14/21 12:15 PM, Peio Rigaux wrote:


No this priority cannot be increased yet.

As I mentioned in another discussion before, we need to do an analysis of the potential number of users on these mobile "Linux" platforms before putting more work into it.

This is not only about adaptative GUI. We would have a lot of tests to run to ensure :

-That the build is working for each submodules we use, and for all supported build options

-That there is no crashes, or bugs during features testing.

-That there is no performance issues.

We do have a working build for Raspberry, but this is not regularly tested, so we would have to stabilize it first (but we still have an arm Linux build to work from).

Please keep in mind that we are only 11 developers, maintaining a full softphone and SDK with sip-stack, media library, encryption, vcards support, groupchat, soon videoconference (all of it maintained on 7 platforms), servers, accounts-management, and handle customers requests so we can live of open source.

I am proud to say that we are doing better than some companies with 10x more workforce.

We put a lot of efforts to support as many platforms as we can, to provide as many features as we can, to fix as many bugs as we can, and to answer on mailing lists as much as we can.

There is a point where we simply can't do more.

To all people here :

If you want you can organize to try to build and fix Linphone for Mobile Linux platforms, or find companies that would hire us to do it.

This would make us gain a lot of time, really.


Peio Rigaux
Junior DevOps Engineer
Belledonne Communications, the company behind Linphone

Le 30/08/2021 à 04:05, Óvári via Linphone-users a écrit :

2. Thank you. The old version did help.

3. Thank you for your explanation.

4. Jami for Desktop (clients for GNU/Linux and Windows) is in Qt, with Jami for Desktop (client for macOS) also planned to transition to Qt with the next release of Qt.

Jami for Desktop is adaptive has the GUI works with small screens.

Can the priority of the development of adaptive GUI for small screens in Linphone for Desktop please be increased?

Thank you


On 27/8/21 6:09 pm, Julien Wadel wrote:
Thanks for your help. This is very appreciated.

1. Links that are blanks are links where source changes. For example, if "Delivered :" becomes "Delivered:" (without space), this is like a new string. But Weblate should let suggestions.
In fact, it seems there is a bug from Weblate : it add empty section names and you get multiple blank translations. I  don't know yet why.

2. About "Old Version", I kept it just for you ;) I let it some comments. It will be deleted.
I put a new component for 4.3 that is with the beta tag that I will unlock after cleaning translation files (remove empty sections maybe it will resolve the previous issue) Master is for current development.

3. There is no Linphone Desktop 5.0. 5.0 is for the version of SDK that is used by Linphone Desktop 4.3

4. I don't think so. There is no special design for small screens and this may need a new design like phones. Linpĥone Desktop is in Qt but Linphone phone versions are natives.


On 8/27/21 12:16 AM, Óvári wrote:
Hello Julien,

The Hungarian translations are now at 100% again in your Weblate instance.

1. Can you please ensure that they are merged as there are some strings that keep appears blank.

The `Old version` brings up messages in the `Master` branch at saying that there are inconsistencies due to the `Old version` having untranslated strings (which can not be added as it is locked).

2. Will `Old version` at be removed?

The direct links are to version Linphone 4.3.0 alpha.

3. Should we wait for Linphone 5.0 alpha links?

4. Will the next release of Linphone Desktop for GNU/Linux work with small screens, like the Pinephone[1] and Librem 5[2]?

Thank you




On 27/8/21 4:20 am, Julien Wadel wrote:

We are proud to announce you that a new version of Linphone Desktop is available for beta testing in the master branch. As usual, binaries are available on the snapshots repository (links below).
New versions with bug-fixes are done on daily basis so if you got bugs or unexpected behaviors, please check if there are no newer versions. If not, feel free to report them in Github with all basic informations (OS, version, steps, logs, traces) at:

In addition to bug-fixes and tweaks, the main new features from the previous versions are :
- Secure chat rooms
- Group chats
- Ephemeral messages for administrators and secure chat rooms (this feature will be extended to the whole room soon)
- Searches on timelines and messages
- More detailed IMDN on messages
- LDAP support
- Based on Linphone SDK 5.0

Some behaviors may change till the release. We are on the good tracks for 4.3 but we need your help for translations.
We no longer use Transifex for the translation process, instead we have deployed our own instance of Weblate.
If you want you can contribute at:

Direct links to binaries:
- Linux :
- Mac :
- Windows :

We hope that you will enjoy our upgrades.

Best Regards

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