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Re: [Linphone-users] Linphone bug

From: Stuart D. Gathman
Subject: Re: [Linphone-users] Linphone bug
Date: Mon, 22 Oct 2018 13:23:22 -0400 (EDT)
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On Mon, 22 Oct 2018, Grant Griesel wrote:

I have done the basic troubleshooting of switching  microphone and
headphones(I'm fairly confident this is not the problem as I use the same
headphones and microphone on my backup system, Skype, without trouble), as
well as resetting my router and computer.

If anyone is able to help it would be greatly appreciated and I would be
happy to provide other information such as context and screenshots.

Have you tried switching services?  Can you use an echo-test service?
(There are various free ones, probably has one, I know does if you register.)

Also, the intermittent nature of your problem screams to me "NAT firewall
issue".  Personally, I use linphone in peer to peer mode with Cjdns.
All those NAT issue are so last century.  You just have to swear off
IPv4 just like you have to delete your facebook.  It's ok to use IPv4 as a
switching matrix to connect to IPv6 or IPv6 mesh networks (like Cjdns).

              Stuart D. Gathman <address@hidden>
"Confutatis maledictis, flamis acribus addictis" - background song for
a Microsoft sponsored "Where do you want to go from here?" commercial.

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