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[Linphone-users] No video on call (but webcams works)

From: Florian Hollerweger
Subject: [Linphone-users] No video on call (but webcams works)
Date: Sat, 04 Dec 2010 20:47:54 +0000
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I am running into the same issue which another user has posted on this
list earlier:

I have two computers (both Debian and linphone 3.3.2) with webcams
working under linphone on both. But when I launch a video call between
them, I see only the green screen rather than the remote caller's webcam
image (on both machines).

Following a recommendation from the above thread, I have disabled all
but the Theora codec on both machines, but that did not help.

I also have tried to raise the bandwidth limits in linphone to values
above those which the video codecs say they require, but without
success. (Note that all of this is happening within my own subnet, so I
doubt that bandwidth is an issue.)

Would it help to provide logs from linphone-3 --verbose?


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