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[Linphone-users] PulseAudio support shouldn't be mandatory at runtime

From: Xavion
Subject: [Linphone-users] PulseAudio support shouldn't be mandatory at runtime
Date: Sat, 4 Dec 2010 10:54:26 +1100

I'm the guy who originally requested PulseAudio support in Linphone.  I'll start by thanking you again for implementing this feature so promptly.  The issue now is that the 'linphone' package maintainer on Arch Linux is forcing the "--disable-pulseaudio" flag at build-time.

His dilemma is that using "--enable-pulseaudio" or omitting the flag altogether will require all Linphone users to have the 'libpulse' package installed.  If they dislike PulseAudio and refuse to install 'libpulse', the following error message occurs every time they try to launch Linphone:
I'm wondering if there's any way to turn this error into a warning.  Doing so would permit the package maintainer to omit the "--disable-pulseaudio" flag, list the 'libpulse' package as an optional dependency and then build the 'linphone' package with PulseAudio installed.

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