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Re: [Linphone-developers] contacts

From: Sylvain Berfini
Subject: Re: [Linphone-developers] contacts
Date: Mon, 20 Feb 2017 10:24:33 +0100
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For information, Linphone privacy policy is available at

Regarding the contacts, Linphone only sends the phone number (and no other information) to our presence server which doesn't store any of the information it receives.

I agree there is an issue with the application if it sends the phone numbers when you are not using a account.

Anyway, if you go in the account settings, you can disable it using the "Friendlist subscribe" checkbox.


Sylvain Berfini
Software Engineer @ Belledonne Communications
Le 18/02/2017 à 13:58, Anatoli a écrit :
Oh, that's pretty surprising discovery. I didn't know my address book was shared with some service, I haven't given it my consent. What Linphone asks is to have access to the contacts to be able to call them directly, not to upload them to some server.

Could this be confirmed by developers please? If it's indeed this way, there should be an option to opt-out of this, especially when the user has no account configured.

From: A Žukovič
Sent: Saturday, February 18, 2017 08:39
To: Linphone-developers
Subject: Re: [Linphone-developers] contacts


its you address book sending, you can deny send address book from your phone to server linphone direct in settings iPhone. Its normal, if you approve accept to your address book form app. Its for find friends, where choice to linphone.
For example Skype, viber, whatsapp make same, and you messages all, there you sending trouch all this apps, going in open stand. but linphone, if you choice Lime chat security, going all security.

Best regards, Alex

iOn 18. 2. 2017, at 9:08, Leonard Fodje <address@hidden> wrote:

What I meant, is the app is checking all friends on my contact list (19xxx224846, 12xxx851177)  against even though I am using an external sip server Seems like it is trying to search if they have a linphone account via subscribe. 

How do I disable my app from sending and receiving info to sip:address@hidden. Is the app secretly uploading my data to linphone server?

See logs below

2017-02-18 01:47:32.187597 linphone[422:66311] [Notice] Body has been compressed: 311->210:
2017-02-18 01:47:32.187616 linphone[422:66311] [Notice] <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
2017-02-18 01:47:32.187634 linphone[422:66311] [Notice] <resource-lists xmlns:xsi="" xmlns="urn:ietf:params:xml:ns:resource-lists">
2017-02-18 01:47:32.187653 linphone[422:66311] [Notice]  <list>
2017-02-18 01:47:32.187717 linphone[422:66311] [Notice]   <entry uri="sip:address@hidden;user=phone"/>
2017-02-18 01:47:32.187739 linphone[422:66311] [Notice]   <entry uri="sip:address@hidden;user=phone"/>
2017-02-18 01:47:32.187756 linphone[422:66311] [Notice]  </list>
2017-02-18 01:47:32.187773 linphone[422:66311] [Notice] </resource-lists>
2017-02-18 01:47:32.187904 linphone[422:66311] [Warning] belle-sip/message [0x1702e6a80] has Content-Length [311] and body size [210] which are inconsistent, fixing it.
2017-02-18 01:47:32.188231 linphone[422:66311] [Notice] belle-sip/channel [0x105de8000]: found binary data in buffer, will stop logging it now.
2017-02-18 01:47:32.188450 linphone[422:66311] [Notice] channel [0x105de8000]: message sent to [UDP://], size: [1042] bytes
2017-02-18 01:47:32.188531 linphone[422:66311] [Notice] SUBSCRIBE sip:address@hidden SIP/2.0
2017-02-18 01:47:32.188551 linphone[422:66311] [Notice] Via: SIP/2.0/UDP [2601:2c3:8100:8214::1052]:64543;branch=z9hG4bK.lagsjsACZ;rport
2017-02-18 01:47:32.188569 linphone[422:66311] [Notice] From: "19xxx224846" <sip:address@hidden>;tag=m9ZLvJxF7
2017-02-18 01:47:32.188587 linphone[422:66311] [Notice] To: sip:address@hidden
2017-02-18 01:47:32.188607 linphone[422:66311] [Notice] CSeq: 20 SUBSCRIBE
2017-02-18 01:47:32.188624 linphone[422:66311] [Notice] Call-ID: aoVKUvQao6
2017-02-18 01:47:32.188641 linphone[422:66311] [Notice] Max-Forwards: 70
2017-02-18 01:47:32.188658 linphone[422:66311] [Notice] Supported: eventlist
2017-02-18 01:47:32.188675 linphone[422:66311] [Notice] Event: presence
2017-02-18 01:47:32.188739 linphone[422:66311] [Notice] Expires: 3600
2017-02-18 01:47:32.188759 linphone[422:66311] [Notice] Content-Type: application/resource-lists+xml
2017-02-18 01:47:32.188828 linphone[422:66311] [Notice] Content-Length: 210
2017-02-18 01:47:32.188848 linphone[422:66311] [Notice] Content-Encoding: deflate

On Feb 17, 2017, at 1:52 AM, Benjamin Reis <address@hidden> wrote:


Please describe how you created your account.
What do you mean by you have Linphone Contact added to your address book ?
Do you use a contact synchronization with Google or Exchange or something else ?

Best regards,
REIS Benjamin
Software engineer at Belledonne Communications

Le 17 févr. 2017 à 08:16, marie yilmaz <address@hidden> a écrit :

I need help to register I keep getting bad credential? 

Sent from my iPhone

On 16 Feb 2017, at 18:46, marie yilmaz <address@hidden> wrote:

How do I delete my phone number and start again?

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On 16 Feb 2017, at 18:43, Leonard Fodje <address@hidden> wrote:

I am getting a lot of contacts added to my contact list automatically even though I am using an external sip account in the latest Linphone iPhone version. How do I disable that?

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