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[Linphone-developers] no output RTP packets sent with oRTP 0.25.0

From: BOITEUX, Frederic
Subject: [Linphone-developers] no output RTP packets sent with oRTP 0.25.0
Date: Thu, 11 Feb 2016 10:41:28 +0000



  I’m trying to use new oRTP library in 0.25.0 version (downloaded from with a Voip application, instead of older 0.23.0, and I’m facing following problem : my application no longer output any RTP packet to the distant !


I’ve tried to trace it with gdb, and I’ve looked at rtp_session_rtp_send() function : in the new 0.25.0 oRTP library version (line 1136 in src/rtpsession_inet.c), I see at line 1156 :


                if (session->flags & RTP_SOCKET_CONNECTED) {




                /*first send to main destination*/

                if (destlen) error=rtp_session_rtp_sendto(session,m,destaddr,destlen,FALSE);

                /*then iterate over auxiliary destinations*/


                               OrtpAddress *addr=(OrtpAddress*)elem->data;

                               rtp_session_rtp_sendto(session,m,(struct sockaddr*)&addr->addr,addr->len,TRUE);



My session flags has the RTP_SOCKET_CONNECTED flag set, so the destaddr and destlen are reset, and in line 1161, the test on ‘destlen’ fails as it’s now 0, and then no packet is sent !


Do you think it’s a bug, or should I add some [new] code in the ortp session initialization to be able to send RTP packets ?



In the same source, I can see some code like (line 1578) :


                               bool_t sock_connected=!!(session->flags & RTP_SOCKET_CONNECTED);


I wonder what the double bang ‘!!’ means, I don’t know this as a specific operator, for me it’s a double negation, but I don’t understand its usage…



                With regards,



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