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Re: [Linphone-developers] b256 SAS implementation for bzrtp

From: Johan Pascal
Subject: Re: [Linphone-developers] b256 SAS implementation for bzrtp
Date: Tue, 10 Mar 2015 18:34:52 +0100
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the PGP words SAS is an optional part of ZRTP RFC.

Even with a linphone including this capability, default behavior will remain using the 4 characters SAS as it is now. PGP Word list would be used only when both parts have enabled it by modifying their linphone config file. If you do not enable it on your side, you will never have to use it even if your peer enabled it.



On 10/03/15 18:19, محيي الدين wrote:
The problem with your SAS solution is not everyone talk English,
and the second problem with English is that the words are not always
pronounced as it is written (that's the first problem I faced in the
days I began to learn English) thus
it would add another ambiguity when pronouncing words by someone who had
never knew about English.

Your proposition is inspired from the navy and military, however this is
about trained people not for everyone as it is intended in Linphone !

على 10 مار, 2015 ص 10:48, كتب Eli Burke:
Building on Ben Sartor’s excellent BZRTP patches to add support for the
non-mandatory algorithms, here are patches to add the b256 SAS format. Instead
of returning a 4 character SAS string like “7jb3” it will return two words such
as “seabird:asteroid”. Per the RFC, the words come from the PGP Word List and
should not be localized:

oRTP and ms2 need small patches to extend the length of the SAS variable in the
eventData structure. liblinphone was patched to add linphonerc overrides for
each set of algorithms. No default values are changed from stock Linphone: Ben’s
patch sets sensible ZRTP defaults based on the config setting for
“srtp_crypto_suites”, this patch adds e.g:
Note that due to the nature of the ZRTP spec, the mandatory algorithms are
always added and used during the initial ZRTP handshake, so it is not necessary
to specify B32 to be backwards compatible with older clients.

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