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Re: [Linphone-developers] web plugin, cannot set LinphoneCore.playFile p

From: Alexander Altshuler
Subject: Re: [Linphone-developers] web plugin, cannot set LinphoneCore.playFile property
Date: Thu, 19 Feb 2015 20:05:12 +0300

Hi, Ghislain

Thank you for replay.
I will check your installer tomorrow.

But it looks like the main question - how to manage this beep sound (for example when second call arrives) is still open.
I do set core.PlayFile in my application, but it doesn't have any influence to this beeps.

Is this beep is hardcoded somewhere in linphone core?

Alexander Altshuler

On 18 February 2015 at 15:59, Ghislain MARY <address@hidden> wrote:
Hi Alexander,

The following instruction is working properly:
    core.playFile = 'internal:///share/sounds/linphone/rings/toy-mono.wav';
It's just the getter (used when you try to print the value of core.playFile) that was not defined. I have fixed it and it will be available in the next release.

I also fixed the issue with the incoming call ring which was specific to the windows sound card filter in mediastreamer2.

Thanks for reporting these issues. If you want to try the fixes you can try the latest snapshot:


Le 16/02/2015 15:40, Alexander Altshuler a écrit :

My first try to explain my problem was a bit vague, sorry.
I will try to be more clear.

I'm developing web based application using 1.0.12 web plugin.
It works in general fine, I can register, initiate outgoing calls and get incoming, etc.

There is linphone core property "playFile" exposed to JS.

Initially it is undefined. But plugin use some “beep” sound internally, for example when call is placed on-hold.
I need to change or disable this sound.
I'm trying to set it this way:

   core.playFile = 'internal:///share/sounds/linphone/rings/toy-mono.wav';
console output is:

So my attempt to set it fail.

At the same time code below works for another files:
   console.log('Ring file name: ' + core.ring);
   console.log('Ringback file name: ' + core.ringback);
   core.ring = 'internal:///share/sounds/linphone/rings/toy-mono.wav';
   core.ringback = 'internal:///share/sounds/linphone/ringback.wav';
   console.log('Ring file name: ' + core.ring);
   console.log('Ringback file name: ' + core.ringback);
Console output:
   Ring file name: ./share/sounds/linphone/rings/oldphone.wav
   Ringback file name: ./share/sounds/linphone/ringback.wav
   Ring file name: internal://C%3a/Users/Alex/AppData/Roaming/Mozilla/Firefox/Profiles/hvnnj79p.default/extensions/%7bA7F0040E-4481-4C03-952F-D8491E5036A3%7d/plugins/linphoneweb/share/sounds/linphone/rings/toy-mono.wav
   Ringback file name: internal://C%3a/Users/Alex/AppData/Roaming/Mozilla/Firefox/Profiles/hvnnj79p.default/extensions/%7bA7F0040E-4481-4C03-952F-D8491E5036A3%7d/plugins/linphoneweb/share/sounds/linphone/ringback.wav

I have found example of such “internal:///” URL within linphone-web-ui project.
I may change it and assign another sound.
BTW: linphone web plugin by default use stereo oldphone.wav file, so the incoming ring sound is really crazy.
I reset it to toy-mono.vaw and it work OK.

Can I do something with this “hold sound” while using linphone web plugin?

Alexander Altshuler

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