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Re: [Linphone-developers] Loading plugins codecs fails on windows

From: Henrik Pauli
Subject: Re: [Linphone-developers] Loading plugins codecs fails on windows
Date: Tue, 20 Jan 2015 10:37:36 +0100
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I'm not sure if this is related at all, but I have a similar experience with a self-compiled 3.6 -- I'm trying to get the g729 codec to work, and according to ProcMon it seems to find and load the DLLs, but there's absolutely no change in the codec list (regardless of the config file).

It could be a long ongoing issue... I don't know.  I never checked mediastreamer directly, just linphonec/linphonecsh.

On 19/01/15 20:59, hassan Firouz wrote:


I have downloaded the recent binary version of linphone SDK such as liblinphone-win32-2015-01-13-01-00, liblinphone-win32-2015-01-14-01-00 and liblinphone-win32-2015-01-13-01-00. To ensure there is no missing files I downloaded the latest plugins and out then under Lib/Mediastream/Plugins folder.


The problem are:

1)      The “linphone_core_get_audio_codecs” function never returns H264 codec and other plugins

2)      When I try Mediastream command line to load H264 codec for example  Mediastream –local 7000 –remote –payload 102

The following result returns and the application crashes unexpectedly.


2015-01-19 11:44:13:724 ortp-message-Mediastreamer2 factory 2.10.0 (git: 2.10.0-897-g0450c04) initialized.

2015-01-19 11:44:13:725 ortp-message-CPU count set to 2

2015-01-19 11:44:13:725 ortp-message-ms_factory_init() done

2015-01-19 11:44:13:725 ortp-message-srtp init

WARNING: no real random source present!

2015-01-19 11:44:13:728 ortp-message-Registering all soundcard handlers

2015-01-19 11:44:13:747 ortp-message-Card 'WINSND: Internal Microphone (Conexant 2' added

2015-01-19 11:44:13:749 ortp-message-Card 'WINSND: Speakers (Conexant 20561 SmartA' added

2015-01-19 11:44:13:750 ortp-message-Card 'WINSND: SPDIF Interface (Conexant 20561' added

2015-01-19 11:44:13:751 ortp-message-Registering all webcam handlers

2015-01-19 11:44:13:769 ortp-message-Webcam Directshow capture: Integrated Camera prepended

2015-01-19 11:44:13:770 ortp-message-Webcam StaticImage: Static picture added

2015-01-19 11:44:13:770 ortp-message-ms_factory_init_voip() done

2015-01-19 11:44:13:770 ortp-message-Loading ms plugins from [./lib/mediastreamer/plugins]

2015-01-19 11:44:13:771 ortp-warning-Could not locate init routine of plugin ./lib/mediastreamer/plugins\libilbc-0.dll. Should be libilbc_init

2015-01-19 11:44:13:772 ortp-message-Plugin loaded (./lib/mediastreamer/plugins\libmsilbc-0.dll)

2015-01-19 11:44:13:773 ortp-message-Fail to load plugin ./lib/mediastreamer/plugins\libmsilbc.dll with altered search path: error 193

2015-01-19 11:44:13:773 ortp-error-Fail to load plugin ./lib/mediastreamer/plugins\libmsilbc.dll: error 193

2015-01-19 11:44:13:774 ortp-message- libmssilk 1.0.0 plugin loaded

2015-01-19 11:44:13:774 ortp-message-Plugin loaded (./lib/mediastreamer/plugins\libmssilk-0.dll)

2015-01-19 11:44:13:774 ortp-message-Fail to load plugin ./lib/mediastreamer/plugins\libmssilk.dll with altered search path: error 193

2015-01-19 11:44:13:775 ortp-error-Fail to load plugin ./lib/mediastreamer/plugins\libmssilk.dll: error 193

2015-01-19 11:44:13:776 ortp-message-Fail to load plugin ./lib/mediastreamer/plugins\libmsx264-0.dll with altered search path: error 127

2015-01-19 11:44:13:777 ortp-error-Fail to load plugin ./lib/mediastreamer/plugins\libmsx264-0.dll: error 127

2015-01-19 11:44:13:777 ortp-message-Fail to load plugin ./lib/mediastreamer/plugins\libmsx264.dll with altered search path: error 193

2015-01-19 11:44:13:778 ortp-error-Fail to load plugin ./lib/mediastreamer/plugins\libmsx264.dll: error 193

2015-01-19 11:44:13:783 ortp-message-Session:

        role=Controlling tie-breaker=cbe84eef201a25ed

        local_ufrag=1234 local_pwd=1234567890abcdef123456

        remote_ufrag=1234 remote_pwd=1234567890abcdef123456

2015-01-19 11:44:13:784 ortp-message-Starting video stream.


2015-01-19 11:44:13:785 ortp-message-Setting video size 352x288 on stream [00683D18]

2015-01-19 11:44:13:785 ortp-message-RtpSession [00682FE8] sending to rtp [] rtcp []

2015-01-19 11:44:13:786 ortp-message-Using permissive algorithm

2015-01-19 11:44:13:786 ortp-error-videostream.c: No encoder available for payload 102:H264.


3)      I have also found out that there are sort of inconsistency between these Dlls that are installed with linephone 3.7 for windows and these Dlls. For example the following test cases works fine however the some of the linphone_core mthods crashes such as setting the default proxy config, seting video device and so on.

3-1) using linephone 3.7 dlls when invoking “linphone_core_get_audio_codecs” functions returns all codecs properly.

3-2) calling Mediastream command line for testing h264 codec of Mediastream –local 7000 –remote –payload 102 works and doesn’t crash.


Unfortunately I couldn’t compile the source code on my system due to missing links and files!!. So I decided to use the latest binary version.

I appreciate in advance in any of the developer has experienced the same and found the solution the share with me.








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