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[Linphone-developers] Please dial down the extremely loud ring tones

From: Liviu Andronic
Subject: [Linphone-developers] Please dial down the extremely loud ring tones
Date: Sun, 16 Nov 2014 12:53:15 +0100

Dear devels,
This is one of my favorite long-time gripes with Linphone... The
default tones are extremely *loud*. And by this I mean LOUD. One of my
favorite jokes on Linphone is that its ring tones are designed to wake
up the dead. (Did I mention how loud Linphones ring tones are?)

Now I know that one can change the default Ring sound in Multimedia
Settings. But even if I plucked for a different tone from the default
selection, orig.wav, it still is very, very loud. And of course I
could change for some other tones, but the reality is that end-users
would rarely change the default tones: you need to find where to do
that, to find a different tone that actually works fine, etc. Most of
the times users will simply stick with the default tones (hence the
ubiquitous Nokia tones, iPhone tones, Samsung tones, etc.)

So I think it makes sense to provide a sane selection of tones coming
with sane loudness levels. Or alternatively provide a customizable
loudness level for the tones, as a percentage of computer sound levels
(and set it to, say, a default of 70%). I say this because I have
never had such issues with, say, Skype, no matter how loud my computer
speakers are. But Linphone's ring almost always scares the hell out of
me, and this even if I'm actually anticipating a loud event. But I
never estimate accurately just how loud it shall be...


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