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Re: [Linphone-developers] linphone 3.6.x mediastreamer2 can't link oRTP

From: Guillaume Beraudo
Subject: Re: [Linphone-developers] linphone 3.6.x mediastreamer2 can't link oRTP
Date: Wed, 30 Oct 2013 09:41:06 +0100
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There seems to be a mismatch between mediastreamer and ortp versions.

You should clone linphone from git to be sure.
Then check that the include paths do not pick up a different version.


On Tue, Oct 29, 2013 at 06:30:49PM +0100, Henrik Pauli wrote:
> I've been battling this all day today, and I can't figure out what's
> going on.
> oRTP builds fine, it creates the DLL, the .pc and .la files
> correctly: they point to the right folder, all that.  From what I
> can tell, it's how it should be.
> And then comes the mediastreamer2 build which stops at:
> Creating library file:
> .libs/libmediastreamer_voip.dll.avoip/.libs/msvoip.o: In function
> `ortp_message':
> c:\work\linphone-3.6.0-BUILD\mediastreamer2\src/../../oRTP/include/ortp/logging.h:110:
> undefined reference to `ortp_logv'
> voip/.libs/mediastream.o: In function `ortp_warning':
> c:\work\linphone-3.6.0-BUILD\mediastreamer2\src/../../oRTP/include/ortp/logging.h:118:
> undefined reference to `ortp_logv'
> voip/.libs/mediastream.o: In function `ortp_error':
> c:\work\linphone-3.6.0-BUILD\mediastreamer2\src/../../oRTP/include/ortp/logging.h:128:
> undefined reference to `ortp_logv'
> (and so on for a long while until ld decides to stop bothering with it)
> So yeah, I have absolutely no idea what's going on right now.
> I've tried pre-compiling and make installing oRTP and then
> specifying the install path in PKG_CONFIG_PATH and doing Linphone's
> ./configure with --enable-external-ortp, but though it was looking
> at the right files it came back with the same row of errors.  It
> seems to be broken in both 3.6.0 and 3.6.1.
> Any ideas from more experienced C people?
> Thanks,
> H.
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