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[Linphone-developers] use jpeg encode/decode in linphone on android

From: 孙德奎
Subject: [Linphone-developers] use jpeg encode/decode in linphone on android
Date: Fri, 16 Aug 2013 15:22:01 +0800

Hi, Victor, 

I have successfully use jpeg encode/decode in linux pc. as I have successfully build video conference between two linux pc using jpeg encode/decode. 
in linux pc sourcecode what I modify is as the following:
in linphonecore.c file

now I want to build an video conference between linux pc and my android phone using jpeg encode/decode. 
in android sourcecode what i modify are as the following:
1.   linphonecore.c
 line 1278 add the following code

 line 869
   if (pt && ms_filter_codec_supported(pt->mime_type)){

 line 966 add the following code
 else if ("JPEG".equals(mime)) {
        Log.e("just for test @20130808");
        mLc.enablePayloadType(videoCodec, true); 

By the above modification I found that I can successfully pass the sip talk(confirmed by wireshark). however I linphone on android will crash. I don't know why.

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