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[Linphone-developers] Windows Phone 8 linphone app

From: Igor Babichev
Subject: [Linphone-developers] Windows Phone 8 linphone app
Date: Thu, 15 Aug 2013 22:49:03 -0700


I recently discovered, that LinPhone was published for Windows Phone 8, so I went ahead and downloaded it. The app itself is amazing, and ability to actually receive incoming SIP calls is great, but unfortunately, it only works through the linphone's SIP proxy. If I use any other proxy, I'm able to use outgoing calls if I configure a different SIP provider, but in that case I can only receive incoming calls while the application is running.

I'm curious, how the Push incoming call notification was implemented? What are you guys running on the back-end (is it asterisk)? Or is it some custom VoIP proxy?

It would be really great if linphone would be capable of working as a SIP proxy itself, so that linphone user would be able to create linphone account and sign in, and also provide SIP settings, that the linphone's infrastructure would be registering with at the provided SIP server, and when getting an incoming call, would route the Push notification to linphone client and connect the call.

Do you think that's realistic? Would it impact costs of running a SIP proxy?

Best Regards,

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